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Rod Miller has 30 years of government and community relations experience.  He will help you to understand the local rules that apply to your type of proposed activity.  Ordinances can be influenced by having a coordinated consistent voice, building relationships with politicians and community groups and being present at key meetings and events.  If you want to change local rules be prepared to participate in local politics and public relations.  You have a story about how you benefit the community that will need to be told.

Different Cities and Counties in California have different local cannabis rules.  Most local governments will have programs of their own so they can get some community benefit from from cannabis related business.  Currently, Prop 64 allowed too much local control to be successful. Time will tell.

Rural counties were given the opportunity to pander to the fearful communities and allow misinformation about the cannabis industry.  Community and public relations is essential to counter fear and misinformation.  The Cannabis industry must be leaders in responsible sustainable agriculture as well as solve community problems whether or not they are cannabis related!  Yes you have something to prove. Show the community how you are a model community member.

 Other rules. In addition to state and local cannabis rules there are a long list of rules that apply to your specific operation.  For example weights and measures if you have commercial scales. Other cannabis business requirements could include business licenses, pesticide use certification, CalOSHA, ADA, hazardous substance storage, miniCEQA, Regional Water Board or State Water Board Orders. Water Board permits could be the limiting factor for your operation.  If you build something that changes plumbing or electrical circuits you may be required to get a building permit and bring certain operations up to current code.  Cannabis is not being treated comparable to current agriculture.

 We have very reasonable rates for your government relations, public relations. application or compliance issues.  Why pay hundreds dollars an hour for attorneys that win in courts but have little community political experience? For the price of a bud tender you can start winning hearts and minds of the people you need to support your business.  It may only take contacting the key community leaders to change the politics in your community.

  Located close to Sacramento, your issues can be heard in the California Capitol in a matter of hours.

 NEWS ALERT: El Dorado County passes Measures N, P, Q, R & S to allow commercial cannabis in El Dorado County.  Next steps are effective implementation and cost effective application of the county ordinances that reduces the barriers to entry for cannabis businesses.

Earth Groovy Products, on behalf of their Client El Dorado County Growers Alliance, lead the campaign to pass the measures during the November 2018 election.  All the measures passed with 60% votes of support by the electorate.

For anyone interested in the next phase go to El Dorado County Grower’s Alliance.  The Alliance is working for an El Dorado County Ordinance implementation that cannabis businesses need to survive and thrive.

“The mission of the El Dorado County Grower’s Alliance is the promotion and protection of the independent farms and businesses in the cannabis industry and the protection of the public health and patient’s rights, the restoration of natural resources and watersheds, and to provide for the welfare of communities and the mutual benefit of public and private interests.  EDCGA works through political action and public relations to support El Dorado County Cannabis business.”

The SB 420 defenses end practically Jan. 2018 and for certain January 2019. Talk to your lawyer.

Organized numbers speak loudly, especially when campaigns can be run or influenced.

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