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Rod Miller has 30 years of lobbying and govt. relations experience.   He will help you to understand the local rules that apply to your type of proposed activity.

Different Cities and Counties in California will have different local rules.  The local rules could refer to the State rules or allow the state to regulate the cannabis business in their jurisdiction.  Most local governments will have programs and their own so they can get some community benefit from from cannabis related business.

 Other rules. In addition to state and local cannabis rules there is a long list of rules that apply to your specific operation.  For example weights and measures if you have commercial scales, business licenses, and water board is you have a big operation and discharge water. If you build something that changes plumbing or electrical circuits you may be required to get a building permit and bring certain operations up to code.

 We have reasonable rate for your application. The application process includes a checklist of compliance requirements.

 NEWS ALERT; As of the End of September and Early October 2017 the state has not officially noticed comment on its proposed regulations. Putting proposed regulations out for comment is the first step in adopting regulations.  Regulations refine the rules dictated by California State law.  No state permits will be issued until the regulations are final and no earlier than January 1, 2018.   Many local jurisdictions (cities and counties) are developing their rules. State law allows local jurisdictions to regulate commercial and some residential cannabis/marijuana activity.   As we speak the majority of Counties are banning commercial cannabis activity.   More cities are approving commercial cannabis permits than counties.  The situation is very dynamic and we know that in a few years commercial cannabis enterprises will spread to match the market demand for product and services.  The market demand is too strong to stop.

El Dorado County and the City of Placerville are deciding how much they want to participate in commercial cannabis activity.   The regulations and ordinances can be influenced by contacting your local elected officials.  Some jurisdictions have adopted permitting programs, e.g. City of Sacramento (permitting only cultivation, manufacturing and testing labs).  The state will be issuing temporary permits January 1, 2018 effective for 120 days if local permits are issued.

Important updates for El Dorado County:

As of November 14, 2017:

El Dorado Supervisors voted for a conceptual ordinance that temporarily bans commercial grows and likely will provide some medical only permits for dispensaries (perhaps their growers). They will reconstitute the advisory committee possibly putting some community members on it. The advisory committee will discuss future policy including ballot options. Supervisor Frentzen made a motion to permanently ban commercial recreational cannabis but the motion was defeated 1 – 3. Supervisors Hidahl, Veerkamp and Ranalli voted against the motion. Supervisor Novasel was absent from the hearing.

For anyone interested in the next phase, organization is needed.  Stay updated for El Dorado County current regulation through the El Dorado County Grower’s Alliance  A group of local growers has a Trade Association to influence El Dorado County cannabis policy.  Is is a subchapter of the California Growers Association  If you would like to join the effort either go to the facebook group link above and DM us your email or email me.  The mission of the Alliance is to:

“The mission of the El Dorado County Grower’s Alliance is the promotion and protection of the independent farms and businesses in the cannabis industry and the protection of the public health and patient’s rights, the restoration of natural resources and watersheds, and to provide for the welfare of communities and the mutual benefit of public and private interests.  EDCGA works through political action and public relations to support El Dorado County Cannabis business.”


The SB 420 defenses end in early 2019, one year after the state begins to issue licenses. 

Let me know about any meetings and I’ll be there. The clock is ticking. Folks can at least contact their supervisor through email and tell him to support commercial permits so the marijuana money stays in El Dorado County.. . If you know what supervisorial district you are in then you can email your district Supervisor,,,

Organized numbers speak loudly, especially when campaigns can be run or influenced. This will be about politics now so coordination will be essential.

Here is the California State Cannabis portal.

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